What it’s like to be a parent at Scholastic

eggplantThis is a guest post from Julia Graeper from the Scholastic Classroom and Community Group. Thanks, Julia!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

An exhausted-looking woman in a grocery store passes a rack of fresh eggplant with her kindergarten-age child, who asks, “Mom, what are those?”

The woman says, “Shut up!  I should have left you at home.”

A second mother passes the eggplant with her child, who also asks about them.

The mother replies, “Eggplant.  It’s a vegetable.”

A third mother passes.  When her child asks about the eggplant, she says, “That’s eggplant.  It’s one of the only purple vegetables.  That one probably weighs 1 or 2 pounds.  We could slice it open at home and see what it looks like inside…” and so on.

Well, if you’ve ever heard the incredible Phyllis C. Hunter speak (author of It’s Not Complicated), you know the eggplant story.  She told it on Monday here at Scholastic during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Let me tell you, the eggplant story is with me all the time.

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Class is back in session…with The Magic School Bus!

MSB_Dinos_LEX_SocialPostImageAs Ms. Frizzle would say, “Seatbelts, everyone!”

You know when you hear those words you’re in for an adventure! The Magic School Bus is all about experiential learning. It’s a classroom without any limits, which makes learning even more fun.  And using the unique Magic School Bus teaching approach, it’s now possible to travel back in time…sort of!

Introducing our newest educational game, The Magic School Bus: Dinosaurs for LeapPad learning tablets and Leapster Explorer systems!

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In Our Feeds: Literary postage stamps, back-to-school brain foods, and book-inspired decor

IOF-big-300x300Every Friday, we share a handful of links that we found funny, provocative or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a great weekend!

Time to give your home a makeover? Here are 35 book-inspired decor ideas to get you started! Perhaps you’d even like to include one of these pieces of art made from books.

According to this reading infographic, 38% of readers will finish a book no matter what. See what else readers had to say about their book habits!

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The point of mistakes

recite-32398--1491857448-aoad2kLots of amazing quotes and ideas have been shared this week here at Scholastic as we host teachers from across the area for our Teacher Appreciation Week; we’re sharing them all at #TeacherWeek, so be sure to follow the hashtag and @ScholasticTeach for them! Plus, head over to frizzle for more great posts.

Meanwhile, though, here’s one of my favorites. It reminds me: the point of school isn’t to walk into a classroom and know the answers. The learning happens in the mistakes, in the false assumptions. The magic is in the not-knowing.

A salute to books, our unwavering travel companions

catastropheWe all know that summer is the perfect time of year to catch up on our reading.  We even plan for it.  Books travel by car, train, plane, foot, bike, etc. to make exotic destinations or just the tree nearest to your home.  And today, we salute books as our unwavering travel companions because as you’ll see from our stories, it can be a perilous journey!

Have you ever had a book catastrophe? A moment when, to your horror, your book is no longer in one piece (maybe not even just two pieces) or simply gone forever?  If you have, you aren’t alone. One of my greatest accidental destruction of books was poolside in the blistering heat.  I was about midway through a paperback novel – you know, one of those really thick ones that you need a little muscle to keep open – and when I turned to the next chapter I noticed that a page was loose.  Not realizing I had discovered a serious problem with my book, I read on.  A few minutes later, a next page just came out in my hand.  Then a few more.  My book binding had MELTED! To make matters worse, I had borrowed this book and even when I brought it back to safety in air-conditioning, I needed to purchase a new one to return. So my wounded warrior of a book remains on my shelf.  But at least the book is among friends because I am also sad to say, I’ve sinned and left a library book on a plane.  It is my only library crime to date and I paid my dues, literally, but I confess this to you today and I hope that my book made a different traveler’s day. Continue reading A salute to books, our unwavering travel companions

Book pet peeves

When it comes to reading, I am a pretty easy going person.  As long as it is reading, I don’t really have many issues.  I don’t have pre-judgments messy booksabout genre or format.  I’ve read series and stand-alone books.  I’ve helped people find books on vampires, werewolves, politics, physics, cooking, baseball, make up, and bugs.  I’ve seen it all, read a lot of it, and not much bothers me.

That easy breezy attitude does not extend to books.  It may sound silly but I was really surprised to find out certain things bothered me.  I was standing on the platform waiting for my train when I saw a man who had a paperback book.  He had broken the spine so that the front and back covers of the book touched; making it so he could read it with one hand.  Have you ever wanted to pet a book and apologize to it?  I hadn’t until that moment.  Continue reading Book pet peeves

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