5 Questions with Ann M. Martin AND a sneak peek at the new prequel

We’ve got a dibbly-fresh blog post for all you BSC fans today! (And if you’re not as into The Baby-sitters Club as some of us are, you’re probably wondering what on earth “dibbly-fresh” means, eh?)

First up? A few weeks back, we stole a few crucial minutes of Ann M. Martin’s time in order to hear her musings about The Baby-sitters Club prequel, The Summer Before, and to find out how she reacts to the sheer passion BSC fans have for her and her work. We were holding on to this 5 Questions for just the right time, and considering The Summer Before will be in stores this Thursday, April 1, and considering we’ve been getting Tweets wondering when we were going to post it, we’ve decided TODAY is the perfect time. Here is this week’s OOM 5 Questions guest, Ann M. Martin!

But! That’s not all! Even though The Summer Before isn’t out for a few more days, you can read the first chapter right here, right now.

We have even more exciting BSC things happening later this week. Yours truly will be live-blogging and Tweeting directly from this Thursday’s amazing event here at Scholastic headquarters, as editorial director David Levithan interviews Ann M. Martin. I’ll be posting insider info as it happens–what David’s asking, what Ann’s answering, reactions from last week’s Twitter sweepstakes winner (who will be in attendance!), and much more. So save the date – Thursday, April 1! – for some cool, first-hand BSC info.

And finally, did you know there’s a completely revamped BSC web site? Check out www.scholastic.com/thebabysittersclub for booklists, quizzes, polls, and much more — not to mention the brand-new message boards. New readers will be able to dive right into all things BSC, including taking the membership quiz to see how they fit into the club (for the record, I scored “Claudia”).

Plus, The Stacks has brand-new BSC character profiles! Kids who read The Stacks can read all about Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey and then friend them from their Stacks profile page, so spread the news to the kids in your life! Meanwhile, Ink Splot 26 will publish a special interview with Ann M. Martin this Wednesday — a total must-read for BSC fans, past and present.

So, enjoy these BSC goodies, and stay tuned for more!

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0 thoughts on “5 Questions with Ann M. Martin AND a sneak peek at the new prequel”

  1. I'm so excited about the relaunch, since my little cousins are old enough to read the BSC. (Of course, I did hold on to the best books.)

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