May the ghosts be with you! A literary Halloween roundup

Frequent guest blogger Yanique Hart is here to tell you all about how you can have a literary Halloween. Check it out!

For those of us who celebrate Halloween, it is not just another holiday — it’s when you can dress up, read scary books, have parties and get all the candy you want! Well, maybe not that much candy.

The Scholastic Store knows how to party, especially for Halloween. Our annual Halloween celebrations have become some of the most anticipated free events for kids (and yes, I said FREE!). Clifford the Big Red Dog comes to visit, hosts story time and takes kids to the Annual Halloween Parade. Every year, we get witches, princesses, pirates and even little Harry Potters. They march from Broadway to Mercer Street with amazed on-lookers cheering along the way. Kids can also come to The Scholastic Store’s Halloween Extravaganza on Saturday, October 30th from 6-8pm. Tickets are $15 and lucky party-goers get a $5 coupon to use right in The Store. Kids will meet Clifford, Geronimo Stilton, and Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus!

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I SPY a spooky giveaway!

It’s the Friday before Halloween — what better way to kick off the Halloween weekend than with a spooky Twitter giveaway, courtesy of I SPY?

We’re celebrating the release of the new I SPY Spooky Mansion video game for Wii by giving away 10 copies of the new game PLUS the book that inspired it all, I SPY Spooky Night.

Here’s how to play:

1. Follow @Scholastic on Twitter.

2. Retweet (RT) our I SPY Spooky Mansion rhyme, and include the hashtag #ISPY. (Find the rhyme on Twitter!)

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Introducing: You Are What You Read!

Can you guess which book influenced the lives of a former President, two award-winning actresses, a Superbowl MVP, an A-list designer, and popular TV host?*

Today, Scholastic is proudly launching You Are What You Read, a new social networking site for readers around the world. We all remember that special book – the one that changed our life, holds a special memory, or taught us something we’ll never forget. You Are What You Read is a celebration of those books that helped us discover who we are and who we can become. Users log on through existing social media accounts and share the five books that made a difference in their lives, and connect with readers all over the world through these shared “Bookprints.” And you’re in good company: more than 130 “Names You Know” – including Bill Gates, Eva Mendes, Daniel Radcliffe, Damien Hirst, Taylor Swift, Venus Williams, Tony Hawk, and two former Presidents – have shared their Bookprints with us.

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Read (and rock out!) with Taylor Swift!

Today has been quite a day here at Scholastic headquarters…Nick Cannon was on hand to interview Taylor Swift for an incredible literacy event for schools, which was broadcast to classrooms across the world!

Read Now! with Taylor Swift brought Taylor to our SoHo Auditorium, where she and Nick chatted about books, reading, writing, inspiration, and more. And lucky for the NYC classrooms in attendance and for all the kids watching, Taylor then brought out her band for a live performance!

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America’s Education: We’re not waiting either.

Today’s post was written by Dr. David Dockterman, Chief Math Officer of Scholastic, for the Math Hub blog. We thought he had an interesting take on the controversial film Waiting for Superman, and decided we should cross-post it here…

Take it away, Dock!

The film Waiting for Superman, which follows five families in desperate searches for quality schools, has quickly generated interest, passion, and controversy. I attended a packed preview screening last week hosted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The buzz in the informal conversations that naturally occurred during the ensuing reception captured thegut-wrenching frustration at watching the futures of lovely children and caring families rest on the roll of a lottery ball or the random selection of a name out of a box or computer. Why can’t these kids get the kind of quality education they desire? It’s just not fair.

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What’s your Goosebumps story?

My brother was not a reader growing up. Even now as an adult, I only spot the occasional issue of a surfing magazine fanned out around his apartment.

As kids, while I was immersed in The Baby-sitters Club and Judy Blume, he was busy skateboarding and running around with the neighborhood boys. But there was one series that he would stockpile in his bedroom alongside his video games; one series that got him to turn off the Nintendo and turn on a nightlight: R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps. And as we kick off what we affectionately call “Shriek Week” around here, I started thinking about how a single book or series can make an impact, even — or especially — on a reluctant reader.

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Happy Anniversary, Scholastic!

Ninety years ago, Robbie Robinson created the first issue of a magazine called The Western Pennsylvania Scholastic. Fast forward to today – Scholastic is now the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. Time flies when you’re reading!

We’re celebrating our 90th anniversary in style – with a new global literacy campaign, Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life., that underscores the importance of reading as the pathway for young people to succeed in the 21st century.

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