Happy New Year!

Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, we’ll mark the official end of 2010 and the start of 2011. The celebrations of the day — and the day itself — are the result of an amalgamation of cultures, histories, and people. Many historians trace the celebrations back to an ancient Roman observance called Saturnalia, but it was Julius Caesar who picked the date of January 1 as the start of the new year, and a Scottish folk song serves as the inspiration for Auld Lang Syne, the traditional song sung at midnight. Different countries and cultures celebrate the day in a variety of ways, and with a variety of resolutions.
No matter how or where you celebrate, we wish you a happy, safe, healthy 2011!


Best of the year: OOM’s top 5 posts of 2010

The year isn’t over yet! We’re still on the nostalgia train as we look back on a wOOMderful year of blog posts. So far on our trip down memory lane, we’ve shared our favorite readers’ comments, our favorite 5 Questions videos, and our personal favorites. But what would we be if we didn’t look back on the most popular posts of the year? For these posts, we have you (our readers) to thank! Without you, we’d just be a bunch of words on the internet.

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My Bookprint: Ivy talks about the books that shaped her

If you’ve joined You Are What You Read, you know all about Bookprints — the five books that shaped who you are — and you may even know the Bookprints of two U.S. Presidents, an Olympic gymnast, and a Hollywood A-lister. Lately, we OOMers have been posting about our own Bookprints, (Jessica, Tyler, Morgan, Amanda) and today, I get to share mine with you…

Creating a Bookprint requires some thinking… There are three primary rules to follow:

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Best of the year: OOM posts

Blogging is a team sport, and that’s certainly the case with OOM. We meet every Friday morning to plan out the following week’s posts, and we’re committed to keeping a schedule. But of course, there are days when news breaks, and we throw out our editorial calendar to react to it. And then there are days where someone inspires something unexpected in one of us — either a colleague with a brilliant idea or a reader with a tweet that triggers something new. And those types of posts — the unplanned ones, the reader-generated ones — are some of our favorites.
So far this week, we’ve covered our favorite reader comments and our favorite 5 Questions videos, and today, we’re picking out our favorite posts of the year as we continue our look back on 2010. Once again, we thank all of YOU for helping us build OOM into what it is today.

Of course, picking a favorite post of the year is kind of like picking a favorite child: it’s impossible. After all, there’s this post about book spying and the one where we revealed the cover of Mockingjay, not to mention this one and this one and this one. How about you all? Did we highlight any of your faves? Let us know in the comments!

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Best of the year: OOM 5 Questions

Armed with our trusty Flip cameras, we’ve filmed a lot of videos this year, thanks to the incredible guests who’ve graced the halls of Scholastic and agreed to sit down with us for a few mintues. (Psst — you can find the archive of all of them here.) Today, we thought we’d look back at the year in videos, and each choose our favorite 5 Questions of the year. Here goes:

Morgan: 5 Questions with Suzanne Collins. A few of us sat in a darkened room, very still and very quiet, while Suzanne filmed a host of video spots (including a read-aloud of Mockingjay‘s opening lines), and then answered five questions selected from her fans on Twitter. Unforgettable.
Amanda: 5 Questions with Ann M. Martin. Says Amanda, “I’m the second-biggest BSC nerd writing for this blog!” (Do you think she’s counting me as the first? Probably.)
Tyler: 5 Questions with David Allender. Says Tyler, “This one was so inspiring!”
Ivy: 5 Questions with Peter Lerangis. Says Ivy, “I had too much fun filming this. Peter is so down to earth and incredibly funny!”

Thanks so, so much to all the guests who humored us by filming a 5 Questions video with us this year, and to all of you for enjoying them. Which one was your favorite — and who would you like to see us interview in 2011?

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Best of the year: OOM comments

All week on OOM, we’re looking back on the year that was. We saw OOM grow and change, and thanks to our amazing readers — you! — we’ve got even more changes up our sleeve, very soon. (Hint: new look, more bloggers!)
Today, we’re kicking things off with a look back on our favorite comments of the year. That’s right — we looked back at all the comments you’ve left on this very blog in 2010, and we each picked one that stood out. Your contributions to this blog make it what it is, and make us so very pleased and proud to have such great dialogue with you all. So, thank you for your comments in 2010, and here’s to more in 2011!

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Overheard in The Scholastic Store

The Scholastic offices will be dark for a few days, but we’ve got something to tide you over: another guest post from Michael Strouse from The Scholastic Store. And it’s funny! Read on…

Last week, my post alluded to the hectic shopping pace of the last few days before Christmas at The Scholastic Store. The Saturday before Christmas, though, is actually our busiest day and after a day of ringing up tired shoppers, I wanted to share with you just a few of the things I overheard…

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