Book Fairs: A “grand” celebration of reading

Last week, something amazing happened in Florida, and we asked Teryl McLane from Scholastic Book Fairs to fill you in. Here’s what she had to say. Thanks, Teryl!

Grand Avenue Primary Learning Center is a pre-K-3 school located in an underserved area of Orlando, Florida. An estimated 3% of the student population there is homeless, and the school has a mobility rate of 62%, meaning a majority of students transfer in and out of the school each year. Imagine the challenges involved in educating and engaging kids who are often more worried about things happening outside of school than they are about whether they did their homework. (And imagine how that school’s teachers must go above and beyond for those kids, like so many teachers often do.)

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Why teaching is about more than just improving a child’s test scores

Thank you to Michael Winerip of The New York Times for reminding me again today why being a great teacher is about so much more than improving a child’s score on a test.

In his On Education column in today’s Times, he tells us about a group of families from suburban Columbus, Ohio, who have been hit hard by the recession — and the children who are struggling to cope.

Yes, it’s a story about the recession and how it’s affecting the lives of real people. But it’s also a story about education, and how circumstances outside the classroom can affect everything that happens INSIDE the classroom as well.

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Swimming through stories — an intern guest post

While many college students used the month of January to revel in the winter break between semesters, we at Scholastic got lucky with the arrival of Trista Wesley, our full-time intern for the month. Trista has spent Monday through Friday with us since the first of the year, and sadly, today is her last day. But! She’s certainly left her mark here, and below, she tells us about her interning experience. Thanks and best of luck, Trista!

Humans are storytellers by nature. We all have something to share, something to offer, something we want to tell others. It’s how we build connections with people and discover new things. This year, my internship experience has been about much more than just fulfilling a graduation requirement. It’s been about exploring my interests and finding a link between my past and my future; stories. My experience at Scholastic has definitely proved to be a really exciting chapter in my own story.

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Mapping my book DNA: A My Bookprint guest post

It’s Thursday, and regular readers know what that means: it’s time for a #MyBookprint post! We tapped Dante A. Ciampaglia — who will be joining the masthead of OOM next week! — to tell us which five books have had the biggest influence in his life.

When I was confronted with the idea of creating a Bookprint, my first thought was, “I don’t read enough. How am I going to pick two books, let alone five?” I’m a cinema fiend, and as I’ve gotten older found myself spending more time in darkened movie theaters than in bright reading nooks. After moving to New York from Pittsburgh, I spent more time on public transportation and as a result have done more recreational reading than I have in years. But I still felt ill equipped to dredge my literary gene pool. It’s way too shallow.

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Twitter giveaway for Trapped by Michael Northrop

View from Ivy's apartment

Word has it that when it snows like crazy in New York, OOM hosts a snow day giveaway! So, to honor this snowy occasion and to give our colleagues, OOM readers, Scholastic fansand kids who are all trapped somewhere in this winter wonderland something to read…we decided we should host a Twitter giveaway for none other than Trapped by Michael Northrop!

How to play #trapped:
1. Follow @Scholastic on Twitter at

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Now Showing: NYC’s most promising young artists

Is it cool in here, or is it just The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers’ latest event?

NOW SHOWING is a silent auction featuring NYC’s most promising emerging artists along with literary performances by Lili Taylor and Jesse Eisenberg, a dance party with DJ Gilles Wasserman, live music by Max Vernon and a special performance by chamber-rock trio Rasputina. So if you like art and live in the NYC-area, come join us!

Astor Center
399 Lafayette St., NYC 10003
VIP preview from 7 – 8:30pm, $125
General admission from 8:30 – 11pm, $30

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Parent & Child magazine’s Family of the Year contest

It’s time for the second annual Family of the Year contest! We asked Kristen Joerger from the Corp Comm team to tell you a little more about the Scholastic Parent & Child 2011 Family of the Year contest. Get your brainstorm caps on and warm up your notebook, word processor or iPad!

Does your family do extraordinary things together?

Maybe you volunteer your time at a local animal shelter or spend your weekends cleaning up the parks in your community – whatever your family does together to better your community, big or small (we used to bake pies for the local soup kitchen when I was a kid!) you could have a chance to win the title of Family of the Year in this contest sponsored by Scholastic’s Parent & Child magazine in collaboration with the National Milk Mustache “got milk?”® campaign.

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