What to do if school budget cuts eliminate field trips

I spoke to a wonderful teacher the other day about how budget cuts have affected her class. Jennifer Boatwright, a third grade teacher from Hesperia, California was told this year her class would have no money to go on any field trips.

We’re hearing from a lot of teachers who aren’t able to go on field trips anymore. Some of them, like Jennifer’s class, are turning to “virtual field trips.” Virtual field trips are a free resource that many teachers have been using to take their students on class trips without worrying about expenses. 

Jennifer and her third grade students took a tour of the American Museum of National History with Brian Selznick from the comfort of their own classroom.

Check out this story about Jennifer’s class in her local newspaper, The Hesperia Star.

Free online resources like virtual field trips are making it possible for students to experience things they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to because of today’s economic state.

Have you had to cut back on field trips?

How are you overcoming the challenges of shrinking budgets?


image via woodleywonderworks

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