A salute to books, our unwavering travel companions

catastropheWe all know that summer is the perfect time of year to catch up on our reading.  We even plan for it.  Books travel by car, train, plane, foot, bike, etc. to make exotic destinations or just the tree nearest to your home.  And today, we salute books as our unwavering travel companions because as you’ll see from our stories, it can be a perilous journey!

Have you ever had a book catastrophe? A moment when, to your horror, your book is no longer in one piece (maybe not even just two pieces) or simply gone forever?  If you have, you aren’t alone. One of my greatest accidental destruction of books was poolside in the blistering heat.  I was about midway through a paperback novel – you know, one of those really thick ones that you need a little muscle to keep open – and when I turned to the next chapter I noticed that a page was loose.  Not realizing I had discovered a serious problem with my book, I read on.  A few minutes later, a next page just came out in my hand.  Then a few more.  My book binding had MELTED! To make matters worse, I had borrowed this book and even when I brought it back to safety in air-conditioning, I needed to purchase a new one to return. So my wounded warrior of a book remains on my shelf.  But at least the book is among friends because I am also sad to say, I’ve sinned and left a library book on a plane.  It is my only library crime to date and I paid my dues, literally, but I confess this to you today and I hope that my book made a different traveler’s day.

Lia has shared in my book-binding catastrophe experience.  It was a huge book so it took some time and eventually, it split in two.  She had to carry around part 1 and then part 2 in order to finish the book!

Morgan brings us into the digital age with her story.  While sitting on the beach, a friend of hers put down her Kindle and when the tide surged in, it swept away with the ereader!  Thankfully they had other books but to Morgan’s point, I don’t think that the fish are getting nearly as much use out it as her friend would have that week.

Finally, Brittany reminds us that book catastrophes can also happen at home, anytime.  In middle school, she placed her beautiful hard back copy of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women on the shelf under her bedside table. Her family had recently welcomed a new puppy into their home when Brittany ultimately discovered that her four-legged friend had eaten an entire corner off of Little Women. The book was never the same after that…

Tell us your stories and join us in thanking our books for enduring on!

photo via SallyB2

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