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Can You Find Mapman?

Mapman winnng map (Rose Ni)If you need to find a location on the map, how do you look for it? Chances are that you type whatever you are looking for into your favorite search engine and find not only the location, but also nearby points of interest, the quickest directions to get there, and a photo of what the street looks like. But what if someone handed you a good old-fashioned paper map and some coordinates?

Each year, Junior Scholastic’s cartographer, Jim McMahon, issues a map challenge to his readers: using a provided map and a set of clues, students have to identify the mystery country where the Mapman visited and submit a creative hand-drawn map of the location once they figure it out! The clues can be anything from identifying longitude and latitude coordinates to following rivers and locating capital cities until the mystery country is revealed. Continue reading Can You Find Mapman?